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Conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis is an extremely powerful tool for understanding what drives customer choices enabling you to model the effect of changes to your product or services on your share of the market. For more details, see the website.

On SurveyGarden we host conjoint analysis projects using Sawtooth Software's Adaptive Conjoint Analysis. For more specialist needs we can also host choice-based and full-profile type conjoint projects.

Customised elicitation

A standard questionnaire is not always the best tool for getting at detailed customer responses and reactions. A simple example is pricing where the question is not how customers will respond to a single price point, but where that optimum point is. Because SurveyGarden is run and controlled by we can design and host tailored solutions that do not rely on the use of a particular surveying package.

We can provide skills in Java and Javascript for browser-based tasks and PHP and Perl for server-level tasks.

Direct-from-mobile surveys

Although SurveyGarden as you look at it here is on a PC-based browser, Notanant, our survey technology allows for surveys to be carried out wirelessly on mobile devices using WAP and XHTML, centralising data capture and greatly increasing the speed and control over field interviewing.

Consumer survey demonstration
Online adaptive conjoint analysis demonstration
On-line pre-testing of advertising demonstration